What To Expect

Our Process

We may be in the restoration and construction industry, but we think of ourselves as a service and hospitality company. The most critical part of any world ­class service experience is great communication.
Our focus throughout your project is to make it an extraordinary experience. It may be hard to imagine that outcome now, but just know that is what every single person on our team is working toward.

Estimators and Project Coordinator Teams

We choose our estimators and project coordinators, not primarily for their construction knowledge and industry experience, but for their temperament, communication style, and problem-solving skills. Those traits have a significant impact on your experience as a customer and the quality outcome of your project, along with the expertise we bring.
These managers are a lot like quarterbacks in football. They see the whole field, lead the team, and communicate with all the players. The team consists of insurance adjusters, electricians, plumbers, inspectors, trade techs and insurance agents. Our goal is to put the ball in the end zone, or in this case, put your beautiful home or your business back in order.

In-House Trades Professionals

Another unique quality of our Summit team: We complete nearly all construction and trades work in-house, aside from electrical, plumbing, and some specialty flooring. Most restoration companies use subcontractors for the majority of their work, so you never know who will be in your home or business or what level of service or quality they will provide.
At Summit, each of our estimators and project coordinators are paired with 2 or 3 full-time trade techs who are skilled in drywall, finish carpentry, tile, and other professional trades. Several of them even owned their own construction businesses before coming to work at Summit. You benefit by getting a high-quality finished product that measures up to your high standards, as well as a consistent and excellent service experience.
Everyone is working for the same team.