The Real Cost of In-House Carpet Cleaning

We understand the cost saving measures of having your staff do all of your routine carpet cleaning in house.  But are you really saving money?


We compared our current monthly program customer spending with businesses who utilize their onsite staff for cleaning their facility carpets in house:

  • On average, corporations spend up to $12,000-$18,000 per year on maintaining their carpets in house. Here is the cost breakdown:
    • $2000- $5000 on the purchase of carpet cleaning equipment, routine equipment maintenance, and cleaning chemicals
    • At an average wage of $18.50 per hour for maintenance personnel, and additional 18% employee burden (benefits, insurance, payroll costs), a staff member spending just 5 hours a week on spot cleaning carpets, turning resident rooms for new move ins, and general upkeep will cost a facility roughly $6250 per year
    • Most facilities also pay for an annual professional cleaning of all facility carpets, averaging $5000 per service visit
  • On average, customers on a Summit Clean preventative maintenance program spend around $6000-$8000 with us per year. Their carpets are cleaned at the recommended Carpet and Rug Institute cleaning intervals (see example below for a sample program and recommended cleaning intervals), and as a result, they save time, money and energy in the process.


So why use Summit for your carpet maintenance?

  • We build you a customized, strategic, preventative maintenance program that prolongs the life of your floors and reduces the need for premature carpet replacement, improves indoor air quality and overall hygiene, and maximizes your facility’s appearance
  • You can count on pre-planned costs that are spread over the entire year, no more large spikes in maintenance costs
  • We are experts at treating spots and stains and stain removal is included in our customer programs, you won’t get a bill with unanticipated add ons
  • Priority scheduling, we clean at all hours of the day, at the time that works best for you
  • We prepare you for inspections, no need for last minute scrambling
  • All of our technicians are professionally trained and certified in textile cleaning, no need to train your staff members on how to address carpet cleaning needs
  • We manage all of the details for you, so battling constant carpet stains or making last minute calls for a carpet cleaning will be a thing of the past


In the end, are you saving money by doing your cleanings in house? 


We believe you will get better results from letting us take care of your carpets, and the peace of mind that your facility appearance will always be at its best. Let us be the easy button for you! 



Example: Senior Living Monthly Program

  • Alternating monthly professional cleaning and processing of 1st and 2nd floor carpets resulting in all facility carpets being cleaned 6 times per year
  • Spot treatments and deodorizing
  • Free introductory spot cleaning kit and spot treatment clinic for onsite staff
  • Priority scheduling
  • No extra charges for after hours or emergency cleanings
  • Guaranteed results

Total Monthly Investment: $575


Total Yearly Investment: $6900


Additional Services Offered:

  • Upholstery cleaning-
    • Meeting room chairs $4 each
    • Plush fully upholstered lounge chairs $30
    • Love seat $50
    • Full couch $70
    • Sectional $85 (L-shape)
    • Deep cleaning and grout resealing of kitchen tile: $1320
    • Cleaning of vinyl plank flooring in dining room: $1665
    • Deep cleaning and resealing of restroom tile: $80 each
    • Resurfacing of activity room vinyl: $1000
    • Apartment cleanings: $68-$100 each



 Guidelines for Carpet Cleaning Frequencies:


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