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Summit Leadership Team
(Summit Leadership Team, left to right- Mark Fields, Kari Fisher, Matt Davies, Byron Webb)

The new year always provides us with a great opportunity for both reflection of the previous, and vision for what’s next. 

2023 was another amazing year in Summit history. There are so many great things that we saw throughout the year, as I reflect back there are a few big ones that truly stand out.

Interior Cleanup
(The aftermath of a customer’s fire-damaged home)

In 2023, we really saw a high demand for us to continue to bring our services into new territories, and because of that, we were able to expand our footprint into our fourth location in Junction City.

Summit Junction City shop’s ribbon cutting with the Tricounty Chamber of Commerce
(Summit Junction City shop’s ribbon cutting with the Tricounty Chamber of Commerce)

This milestone for us was absolutely incredible. It is such an honor for us to have the opportunity to continue to grow and serve new communities. With expansion comes opportunity, and this last year we were blessed with the ability to add some amazing members to the Summit team.

As a small growing business, some milestones are very meaningful to us in our growth as a team and organization. This year we had two employees celebrate 10 years on the Summit team.

(Justin Finegan & the custom desk he made for Summit owners Brian Harper & Matt Davies)
(Justin Finegan & the custom desk he made for Summit owners Brian Harper & Matt Davies)
(Jason lowering the ramp in epic fashion)
(Jason lowering the ramp in epic fashion)

Hearing Jason and Justin share their stories and experiences over the last decade with the company was a true gift. Celebrating the amazing people that make up the Summit team doesn’t just stop at highlighting their longevity on the team, sometimes it happens by celebrating their retirement.

(The amazing, & now retired, Kathy Lindsey, center)
(The amazing, & now retired, Kathy Lindsey, center)

In 2023, we also had a teammate retire. Although it is difficult to lose valuable team members, like Kathy, who have built roots in the team, we also want to celebrate the achievements they made and the role they played in Summit’s success throughout the years they were with us on this journey. I know that sounds confusing as a highlight, losing a valued team member, but as a growing company, it is another milestone for us. When our people build careers and a home on a team, where they feel valued, empowered, confident in their future with the company, and proud of their contributions to the overall success of the team, it’s something to celebrate. 

At Summit, our people are everything, our greatest asset, and the character and personality of our company. We know Summit isn’t everyone’s last stop,  but for those who choose to culminate their career journey with us, it’s a cause for celebration and gratitude.

(John Gregory presenting at Redmond Chamber’s Coffee Clatter)
(John Gregory presenting at Redmond Chamber’s Coffee Clatter)

As we kick off 2024, I know I speak for the entire team when I say we could not be more excited and confident in the foundation we have built, and the opportunities we have that lie ahead of us to serve the communities we are in. We have spent years refining our processes and honing in on the skills and knowledge needed to be the best in our industries, in preparation for what’s ahead and to be prepared for the opportunities that we will have. 

As we have continued to add dynamic people who are passionate about what we do to the team, we continue to remain laser-focused on creating extraordinary experiences for the customers we serve and providing the best-in-class service Summit is known for. Being the calm voice of knowledge and experience amid a devastating loss in a home or business. Being the advocate for our customers when they need us to, communicating early and often, and most importantly keeping our customers’ best interest in mind with compassion and integrity,

As we charge forward into this new year, we see the opportunities and the possibilities are endless for what we will accomplish. Holding fast to our core truth, that our goal has never been to be the biggest, but to be the best. 

-Matt Davies, Owner/COO



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