Items to Consider Before Reopening Your Business

If your business has been closed or had reduced entry from employees or patrons during the COVID-19 pandemic, these are some items to consider before reopening your business:

Hidden moisture or mold

As we start to wind down from the rainy season, unoccupied portions of your building may have experienced leaks or water entry, which can lead to an increase in microbial growth over time if it goes unnoticed. If you come across a water or mold issue, we can help you find the source through moisture mapping and conduct a microbial growth inspection. If microbial growth is found, we specialize in covert containment when mitigating any contamination as to not cause alarm to your staff and patrons. Any contaminated materials that need to be removed during the mitigation process can be restored by our construction department at Summit. This allows for one contact through the whole process, and less of a headache for finding construction contractors after abatement services.

Indoor Air Quality

Closed windows and lack of consistent air circulation can affect indoor air quality. Dust, germs and chemical compounds can build up over time in the air and on surfaces. We can sanitize your ventilation system via our ultra low volume fogging sanitizing application, as well as soft surface items like upholstery, carpets and other hard to reach places that could be harboring airborne pathogens or dust. Not only can a fogging service help with sanitation, it can help get rid of any stubborn and lingering odors that are hard to remove. Any areas that have a musty odor are usually due to a buildup of mildew, which can be mitigated by the ULV fogging process as well.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Potential contamination of commonly touched surfaces by COVID-19 may require cleaning and disinfection procedures prior to reopening. We apply an EPA-registered disinfectant to all high touch point surfaces (door handles, work stations, telephones, drinking fountains, office fixtures, etc.) via commercial sprayers and ultra low volume fogging and then wipe clean for a consistent and uniform cleaning. This is a great service to have performed at your business prior to opening, as it offers peace of mind to your staff and patrons that you have taken the extra effort to have professionals do a sweep of your building.

We also have a full spectrum Facility Services Department that can remove months of dirt, dust, allergens or pathogens from your carpet, tile and upholstery. We offer steam extraction of all flooring types and upholstered items. We can also perform carpet repairs including bonded inserts, seam repairs and carpet stretching. If you have annoying and stubborn stains, traffic lane patterns on carpet, dirty grout lines, or your upholstery looks a little dull, now is a great time to get those items taken care of while there is less traffic in your building.

We are here for you during this difficult time and the health and safety of you, your staff and your patrons is our number one priority. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your business back to its best: 800-769-1553
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