The Top 7 Carpet and Tile Cleaning FAQs

The Most Common Questions Summit Receives Regarding Floor Maintenance

Below is a compilation of some of the most common questions our onsite technicians and office staff are asked. We decided to gather these all in one place for your convenience, if you do not see the question you want answered or if a given answer does not fully answer your question then send us an email at!


What cleaning services does Summit offer?

Summit’s cleaning services for commercial clients include carpet, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone restoration, vinyl plank cleaning, vinyl composite tile clean and rewaxing, upholstery cleaning, shower tile cleaning, kitchen flooring cleaning, odor removal, pet issues and staining. If you are unsure your need falls under one of those categories or if you would like a free estimate, then call our office today (800-769-1553) or email us at


Does Summit service my area?

Summit’s service area is Oregon and SW Washington.


Does Summit do carpet stain removal?

Short answer – Yes. We have successfully removed stains from feces, urine, paint, coffee, red stains, ink, hair dye, nail polish, tar, grease, oils, food coloring, and more.

You don’t have to settle with a stain in the middle of your front lobby carpet. Give Summit a call today and we can take care of any embarrassing, persistent stains.


How long would it take to have my carpets cleaned?

We can clean 1,000 sq ft in an hour. It typically takes about 2 hours for carpet to dry with a low moisture method and 4-5 hours after a steam extraction. Tile will dry in an hour, but if we apply a sealant to grout or natural stone, it will need to cure for a minimum of 6 hours.


How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Your carpets and tile should be cleaned at intervals recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute to prolong the life of your investment, improve indoor air quality and hygiene, and to maintain your warranty. Routine cleaning is dependent on the amount of foot traffic your floors endure, if food is being served in the facility, or you have consistent odors or staining. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or senior living facility, the best preventative maintenance program would follow the recommended cleaning frequencies below:


Monthly:                 Lobby, 1st floor traffic areas, dining areas

Quarterly:              Upper hallways and corridors

Semi-annually:    Hotel rooms and senior living apartments

Annually:                Stairwells


What about tile?

The same thing applies as with the carpet cleaning, best course of action is to base your cleaning program on foot traffic and if there is a high level of grease build up, such as in kitchens. The best preventative maintenance program for tile would follow the frequencies below:


Quarterly:             Bathroom tile

Semi-annually:   Kitchen, bar area, and pool tile

Annually:               Lobby tile


What carpet cleaning method does Summit use?

Summit always strives to provide elite customer service, and part of delivering that is through using the best cleaning method available for our technicians and customers.

Summit uses encapsulation methods and hot water extraction (also called, low moisture cleaning, steam extraction, restorative extraction).


How do I know if I should clean or replace grout?

Cement based grout should always be sealed after installation to prevent staining. Cement based grout is like a sponge and will absorb anything into it, which means it stains easily. We recommend cleaning your tile and grout twice per year to remove dirt and reduce staining. If your tile or grout does not show a significant improvement after cleaning, it is purely an aesthetic preference to replace the grout lines if they remain undamaged. There are a multitude of cleaning products that can gradually help brighten your grout lines over time when used as part of a regular cleaning schedule. Contact us today for some of our recommendations.

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