Carpet cleaning in Salem, Oregon

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Affordable Salem Oregon Carpet Cleaners


If your carpet could talk, it could share tales of all the dirt it has endured.

Just think about all the people who have run, walk or sat on it. There’s the movie nights with buttery popcorn and soda pop or the dog with muddy paws. There’s the kids running through the house with soccer cleats or wet shoes from stomping in mud puddles.

To properly maintain and care for your carpet, it is suggested to clean your carpet twice a year.  Not only does cleaning your carpets eliminate the dirt, stains and more, it also protects the investment you have in your carpet.

The trusted and professional technicians at Summit Clean in Salem, Oregon are trained and ready to handle all y our carpet and upholstery cleaning. We consistently find we can remove spots and repair damaged areas that other carpet cleaners just can’t touch. Our customers select us because of the complete line of services we offer.

·     Hot Water Extraction Deep Cleaning
·     Carpet/Upholstery Protection
·     Carpet Re-Stretching
·     Carpet Pet Odor Removal
·     Carpet Spot and Stain Treatments
·     Speed Drying
·     Bonded Inserts
·     Bleach & Burn Repair
·     Upholstery Cleaning
·     Spot Dyeing
·     Auto & RV Cleaning

We are proud to share that more than 95 percent of our business is from repeat customers and/or referrals. Summit Clean has been the leader of carpet cleaners in Salem, Oregon. Call today!


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