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Albany Oregon Pet Odor Removal
Affordable Albany, Oregon Pet Odor Removal Service

No matter what you use to try to remove the urine spot left by your puppy, the smell remains.

When a pet urinates on the carpet, it is absorbed into the carpet fibers, the carpet backing and the flooring underneath the carpet. Unfortunately, pets have a tendency to continually urinate in the same area. Urine can be absorbed into wood and even cement flooring, as well as the wood in the carpeting tack strips, and wood framework.

While urine dries and the liquid evaporates, the urine crystals concentrate and become pungent. Just a simple, quick cleaning will not eliminate this odor.

Pet urine in carpet is a problem that requires a call to Summit Clean, the leader in Albany, Oregon for pet odor removal.  We provide fast and effective services with quality results. Enjoy a fresh and clean smelling home again!

We can remove pet odor from any type of flooring and carpet with our odor removal treatment and clean-up process.


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