Mold removal service in Albany, Oregon

Albany Oregon Mold Removal
Affordable Albany, Oregon Mold Removal Service

A growing concern for homeowners, property managers, insurance providers and restoration companies is mold contamination.

At Summit Clean, we have researched the problem and learned living or working in environments contaminated by mold and mildew is unhealthy, dangerous and potentially deadly.

Indoor mold contamination has been linked to allergies and respiratory problems due to the poor indoor air quality.

If you are experiencing health issues or are working or living in a building that has had water damage, you may want to arrange for Summit Clean in Albany, Oregon to inspect your home or business for mold or mildew.

All of our mold remediation technicians are IICRC certified and abide by the industry standards for restorative drying that is established in the SR500 manual. We will work with all major insurance companies if customers decide to file a claim.

Proper mold removal is important to guarantee you won’t have mold and mildew issues in the future. We care about and listen to your concerns during the clean-up. We can usually salvage items that other companies would destroy. Summit Clean of Albany will treat your project with top priority and respect, paying close attention to detail and cost. For professional and affordable service to rid your home or business of mold, call Summit Clean of Albany at 541-924-2936.

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